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Parasite In City Full Version daryhon




This game is perfect for Fans of Side Scrollers. And of all genres. P.S. Like "2D Side Scrolling" Source Code: Download: We hope you like it! Download: Game for H-Games Designers Parasite in City is a H-game scroll over. The Game Works Like Any Classic Side Scroller You Might Play On Your Computer. With It's Pixel Hd “16 Bit” Graphic.This game is perfect for Fans of Side Scrollers. And of all genres. This game is has 1) Nice pixel art graphics 2) Difficulty and hard core challenge 3) 6.4.7hz rhythm game with special "walls" 4) 1 More in the next release. If you are looking for a game with a catchy soundtrack, challenging gameplay, high replay value and a wide variety of enemies (mutations, bosses, traps) then I can confirm that Parasite in City is for you. Parasite in City Features: 1) 2D side scrolling addictive game. This game has everything you need to enjoy any other side scrolling. It's pixel art, it's music, it's rhythm game, it's boss battle, it's unique enemies (mutations, traps). 2) Hard core challenge: This game has quite a challenge. This is a pixel game, but it's very addictive. You won't be able to put it down for ages. 3) A fun atmosphere: This game has a very relaxed atmosphere and it will bring you back to the 90's. Just like a good side scrolling game. 4) Replay value: You will have a great time with this game. You can't go wrong. This is a fun game. 5) A wide variety of enemies: The enemies are different, unique and they bring a nice variety to the game. You will meet zombies, spiders, mutants, ice cubes, tanks... 6



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Parasite In City Full Version daryhon

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